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  2. Quick update! 12 Apr 2021, 9.50 am I am reverting back to my preferred "3rd shift" routine/lifestyle starting tomorrow (13 Apr) at 9.00 pm. I have a plan in place now. I just really connected the dots that are on top of the dots. I meditated on the tigerMVI/website code and my intentions with all of it. I had realized I fell into one of my old traps of "always re-inventing the wheel." What F-JV does, F-NR will do and vice versa. But I'm actually going to just start with the VueJS2 code and build PHP counterparts. I kinda broke down and asked the Tao what I should do...continue trying to mend and fix the tigerMVI code because in the end I know it's going to be the code style/format for certain things. The Tao said since it's all just beginning I can do it "once more" a refresh/cleanse/rework and rebuild from the ground up as long as I remember this is to be the last refresh/rebuild. And so that is what is happening. Tomorrow night 13 Apr 9.00 pm. It's going to start the final draft before Live and continue building until the "Live" website is done/finished. There's so much riding on this and that's why the building blocks for this and other projects have to be just lined up like this. Not "perfect" as we are so inclined to say but just "lined up" or aligned.
  3. Quick update! 11 Apr 2021, 9.00 am I have come to the realization of who GLP is and their ties and connections to everyone and what they allow to happen there. But 10 years later, with a happy heart and a happy face I can tell you that I knew GLP was going to fade away from their own practices and it was going to mirror the human condition. It's why I went on the offensive for a little while over there...but I was honest with them the entire time doing it. I knew full well they were trying to poke the bear and gather intel/info. But then I realized that I was stirring the muddy waters and not really letting that collection ferment as models and collections like that are designed to. So as of now I'm like the watcher in the next city over peering with binodes. If I ever give them a loaf of bread in the future it would be more than they deserve. What happens at GLP happens every 2 or 3 months or sometimes less. I don't think they realize just how routine it has become for them...it's on full display to everyone else.

    I just think it's funny the choices that certain folk make as to who they want to roleplay as and about. It made me happy for a bit to go along with their flow. The sort of glamour of a back-alley drug deal lol. That is the current permeation of GLP. The little net nannies are over there just waiting to morally judge you. That current form of back and forth is slowly re-addicting and re-grabbing the people who like to roleplay to escape, however, they were roleplaying from the start. I won't make all the connections for you but I'll just say this. The old Dr.'s and phD-types have kinda realized it recently...the loop. It's like the monks' flagellation during the medieval ages. After a time it became just a ritual or practice. The beatings didn't get any better or worse, they just became a thing. A knick-knack on the shelf or something to do. That morality checker kick that the mods get over at GLP...it has come to define them. No good can come from that...but should it or does it have to? No, they can just fade away in the loop into obsolesence...and there's nothing really wrong with that. Every book has a final chapter, a final page. Their extended tour of roleplaying on GLP is that final chapter and they're just writing the pages. So for a while I gave into my ego and I played with them as ragdolls...a little jest, a little nip/tuck, but the more I interacted with them the more I realized I was becoming those who I mingled with. I only just wanted to mingle...but I realized I couldn't there. Think of 2-sided tape and you'll understand why.

    I'm all about truth and I think it's time I describe why I'm all about truth. It'll be my first post here at tuxug. But I'll give you a taste. There's a lot of roads to equality that can be either forced, paved, freely given, or other ways...for the end goal of equality. One of the many ways you can slap down the corporate CEOs and multi-national companies is with truth. She's a beautiful babe. (Fun tidbit...her avatar is literally the Statue of Liberty. When the muses gave the men and women the idea to build that statue they really took their time to make sure it all came out right.) One of the many great equalizers...and truth be told...my biggest ally apart from the Tao.)

    And the conclusions from my meditation last night for the color scheme here. I want it to be full deep rich colors, but still with the idea and feels of a poker table and 20's USA noir. Full, deep, dark colors with softer tones I think will be the end result before we go live. Forest Green is the centerstone color for the setup. Our own form of deep ocean blue is the highlight to/of that idea. Then there's the purples (indigo) a rarity in nature for the caption text, and then the orange which are almost always beneficial in all its applications of its color (and the highlight to our accent indigo.) Just have to work in now the indigos and oranges into the base green and blue.
  4. Quick update! 10 Apr 2021, 1.42 pm Still working on the current theme but updating the color sets. Got a better handle on it now since not going for a full tetriadic theme. We'll figure this out.
  5. Quick update! 7 Apr 2021, 5.06 pm Decided to have a "road map" of sorts as a panel! This keeps everyone on board with changes, maybe "focus groups" (chat?) and everything on the same page. Will also be better focus for myself personally to get things done. Working on the database and guest vs members approach and running the numbers and test groups to see the best approach to take. Once it's up and running there are plans and feature sets already in place so we're future-proof. The largest chunk of the work is just about done-- a 90% level. tigerMVI(PHP) with its Models system is nearly identical in format to our javascript implentation! tigerMVI(JS) utilizing VueJS2 ~Zentiger
  6. Work In Progress So to get the real feel for the theme of this forum...we are recreating the 1920's USA noir [link is to a Dick Tracy wikipedia] with a detective theme of that day in a theme that is popular in comics, movies, and literature. You're looking down at a poker table...maybe you're latest detective case files spread out on the table...maybe it's your latest haul or stash...that's the color scheme we're going with. Sort of a faded felt scheme with trying to portray playing cards as buttons and marquees as links on the table--bringing future tech to the table.
  7. The folks over at http://godlikeproductions.com have gone full censorship and absolutely crazy at the main conspriacy website of free speech on the internet. In light of this we are full steam ahead on bringing this website up asap. We fully believe GLP is meant to be therapeutic for people like Trinity and Elaine so we won't ever talk smack on the website but boy if some of their practices are annoying. You now see what capitalism mixed with feminism turns into. Full disclosure I think they are trying to get individuals to login with their member accounts so they can source and track...which puts another coin in the coin jar that they either work for a government/feds or pony up to one. And what moderator bitches about moderating? Heh. So, we're going to improve upon all of GLP's mistakes. Although a final thought on that...they may just have a community where every thread is reported 20 times or more and they feel like their karma/social score isn't enough of a 'punishment' so they ban IPs or go full potatoe and just ban anonymous posting--the one thing that brought the people in--but now they have the numbers to do what they originally intended (the karma/social score punishment system.) You'll see that our system is more used for the flow of topics and just generate feedback among members and guests. There will be some rewards eventually but it won't be in any form of a punishment system.
  8. Food for thought: they now realize at GLP what I meant by "just fade away."
  9. We are bringing in sourcing and development tools from Git and Github so we can have coders from all over working on their bits so our bits and their bits can mingle properly.
  10. We will have banned words that will be abbreviated with initial letter and 3 asterisks, so like this: n***. But they will hopefully be few. Israel and Jews will not have any special protections here but that's not to say we hate them--we don't. K*** will be a banned word too. But the list will be freely available to view as it will be processed from the DB [database] itself. Our delimiter [which may change from time to time with ample community warning/advisement] is this: "if a word's creation or intention [not use] is used to be derogatory in nature that word would be banned here." Like n*** vs. t*** [for transexuals.] While it could be viewed [or even used] in a derogatory sense here, calling someone a "tranny" for cross-dressing would be allowed here (slightly discouraged of course...we are inclusive but we want people to remain themselves here.) Whereas saying n*** for someone being black colored isn't. That isn't special protections for blacks [or any PC-appropriate term here], that is just basic human protection against racism. Transexuals and cross-dressers often have commonalities and traits shared amongst them.
  11. Our goal here is to be a proper underground...being a place where people can freely talk and be themselves. We know even having a little bit of censorship can put off some folk. However, imagine if predators then came to our little place, with all those freedoms also available to them, who knows what would happen to our people at that point?!
  12. Why the dective case file look for member and guest panels? Imagine an environment where a detective genuinely calls an underground home. A place where they're the law but they also remember where they came from. That is one of the thoughts we hope to instill here. Need a bump? Well, consider the 1930's Noir environment. We're attempting sort of a 'noir meets old nightclub' look with additional softer dark colors added for eye candy and to help alleviate extended eye strain.
  13. The list items here pertaining to our rules will be added to a rules panel in the future.
  14. Oh and if covid-19 ever gets you down remember that it's got the wealthy, politicians, CEOs, FBI/CIA/etc, all wearing face diapers too. And a lot of wealthy people have died from the covid-19 if they had a pre-existing condition. There's a silver lining. All the the rich and wealthy, the shareholders, managers, IT, investment firms, landlords/property managers, they've all come to realize they aren't as untouchable as once thought...it was a good wakeup call.
  15. I know it sucks to wait a couple more weeks but think of all the funny memes and symbolism and such that could be achieved should tuxug go Live on April 1st. ;) It's really not a case of the chicken or the egg but just getting a new hen house to pamper the chickens and provide some chicken feed! Lol.
  16. Although Xeno means "stranger" hopefully you can start, if you need to, to open your mind that being a stranger (to x,y,z) doesn't necessarily equate to a bad thing. But the social norms of group/herd attached to everything [thinking/living/workspaces] and more as time goes on...makes one worried or anxious generally when dealing with the word or notion of a stranger.
  17. The Stranger ("S.") was kind of the original noir intended for the underground, however, in comics and other places there's a big "S" out there that's actually a sigil for a family name. The "S." would be viewed as like a signature line. However, we do have a bunch of options to go with. Really at the end of the day any variation of stranger/xeno ['xenan'] will really make do and still keep us together as a community underground.
  18. ~Zentiger